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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about ski trips

I am a total beginner. Can I join a Barcelona Ski Tour ?

No. We are very sorry. We do not offer tours to total beginners and we do not rent ski wear. If you would like to experience the joy of being in the snow and the beauty of the snow covered Pyrenees mountains in winter then why not book our B9 Pyrenees Mountains Andorra Day Tour

Skiing or snowboarding is a sport not an experience like tandem parachute jumps or rafting, which you can try without prior experience. Skiing requieres a lot of ski clothes which cannot be rented and beginners must take at least 2 hours of ski classes. For 1 day ski tours this is a big expense and for that reason we have chosen only to offer our ski tours to skiers or snowboarders who are at an intermediate or advanced level of skiing and who have their own ski wear.

All ages can participate in principle if you are have a reasonable level of fitness as skiing is quite physically demanding and you have to carry your own skiis at times while wearing thick ski wear and wearing heavy ski boots. If you are not sure about your fitness level then please contact us for advice.

Do you offer multiple day ski tours?

No. Sorry, we do not offer 2 or 3 day ski tours from Barcelona with hotels. We do not offer hotel bookings to ski resorts near Barcelona. We only offer 1 day ski tours that start and finish in Barcelona on the same day. We do not offer multiple ski day tours and we do not offer transfers from the airport to Andorra.

What extra expenses are there?

In addition to the tour price you have to pay the following expenses: (prices below are approximate and can vary a little)

• Day ski pass adults around €45 per person
• Rental skis, sticks, ski boots and helmet around €25-28 per person for 1 day
• Meals €20 to €30 per person
• You must bring your own ski-wear ski jacket, ski pants, ski socks, ski gloves, etc.
See list of all ski clothes and accessories you need for skiing

Ski equipment rental prices

• ski rental prices La Molina
• ski rental prices Masella
• ski rental prices Grau Roig/Pas de la Casa

What ski clothes do I need for Barcelona day ski tour?

You will need a waterproof ski-jacket, ski-gloves, ski trousers, ski-socks, ski-cap, sun-glasses and a scarf. For inner wear you can wear long underwear if it is really cold, but generally this is not necessary. Usually you should not need ski-goggles, because we only go when it is not snowing, so normal sun-glasses should be fine. You can buy extra clothing items at the ski rental shop, or in all major sports shops in Barcelona.

> List ski clothes and accessories you need for skiing

What else should I bring on a Barcelona day ski tour?

• Bring sun-lotion.
• Bring cash for snacks and meals.
• Bring your passport for ski tours to Andorra.
• Bring passport or other official document with photo for ski rental.
• Bring a valid credit card in case you need to get cash or pay ski rental.

Do I need a visa to visit Andorra on a day ski tour?

For ski day trips to Andorra you must always bring your passport or other national ID card and visa. Tourist visas are not required to visit Andorra. However, since Andorra can only be accessed by passing through France or Spain, tourists from some countries outside the European Union who require an EU visa should also obtain a multi-entry Schengen visa to ensure freedom of movement into and out of Andorra. Get the Schengen multi-entry visa when you apply for your tourist visa to visit Europe.

EU and US citizens do not need visas for Andorra, France of Spain for short visits under 90 days.

When do the Barcelona day ski trips takes place?
Our day ski tours from Barcelona are from December to early April. For other all year day tours from Barcelona visit DayTripsBarcelona.com website. For beach and watersports tours to beaches outside Barcelona in the summer visit [email protected].

How do I pay for a day ski tour?
We ask that you pay a deposit in advance by credit-card. Paypal is our our credit card payment system which is safe and encrypted. For larger groups you can pay by bank transfer too.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.



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